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Imagine having an invaluable in-house team of professionally-trained content marketing experts armed with the right tools and strategies to clearly articulate your brand’s marketing message. Imagine them appealing to your ideal prospects using their newly finetuned content development and planning skills.

And that’s where I can help. I’m Marcia J. Hylton and my expertise is in training teams on best practices to maximize your content marketing efforts by first drawing quality prospects in and getting their eyes on your message, then strategically converting them into customers. How do I know that I can help? After an almost 20-year career of being a technology and marketing hybrid (both as an digital marketing agency owner and as a digital marketing leader on corporate teams), I now travel around the world training teams for international and Fortune 500 companies, providing in-depth digital marketing strategy training. [See more on my expertise and experience]

Not a fan of geek speak? One of my key strengths is being able to breakdown those content marketing techniques that initally seem a bit too technical.

Hire me if you're seeking a content marketing consultant who:

    1. Shows your team actionable content marketing techniques that let’s them hit the road running
    2. Shares an intimate and comprehensive understanding of digital marketing concepts and tools
    3. Saves you valuable time by taking training off your plate, providing agreed-upon deliverables and meeting deadlines
    4. Offers guaranteed results and delivers measurable added value
    5. Delivers fresh, creative ideas and an innovative perspective
    6. Provides flexible training options (in-person and online training
    7. Offers opportunities for ongoing team coaching and support

Training topics

Learn what a great digital customer experience really looks like. Get Introduced to the best tools and techniques for developing an effective strategy that attracts new customers and fosters loyalty.

Best practices for developing and implementing a digital marketing plan that builds customer loyalty by making digital platforms safe, fast and easy to use.

Achieving digital marketing success by implementing focused campaign plans that highlight the digital customers needs, expectations, and perspectives.

From keyword analysis to competitor analysis and other SEO tactics, learn ways to position your business to achieve better search engine results.

Developing strong keyword strategy and techniques to effectively use keywords within blog articles and other web content. This is key to increasing digital conversion.

Realizing that customers use digital platforms in unique ways, learn why and where to begin when designing a digital interface that can increase conversion.

Who should receive training?

This varies from company to company. But for most, these are the people who are trained: marketing managers, web copywriters, web designers, web managers, interactive marketing specialists, marketing executives, social media managers, brand managers, web content managers.

Pretty much anyone on your team who in some way contributes to the planning, implementation, and success of your overall marketing plan. And because each organization has different needs, it is ultimately only you who can decide which team members are best suited to receive expert digital marketing training.

A Cornell University-trained and certified digital marketing consultant who was once sought out for recruitment by Google.

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FREE 10-Page Digital Marketing Tip Sheet
The sheet includes digital marketing statistics, 20 important best practices, and tons of great information about the current digital marketing landscape.

Marcia’s emphasis was on developing content planning for the future while making immediate tweaks to what was already in place. This took some of the pressure off our shoulders and made the task at hand seem far less daunting. In fact, we have already made changes to our social media strategies based on Marcia’s recommended best practices.

John M. Cruise
Owner, Phil and Derek’s Restaurant (Houston, Texas)

Marcia is always the business consulting professional you want on your team. She understands behavior styles and knows how to put everyone at ease the moment she enters the room. She communicates in a style that makes the digital world and social media platforms very understandable for all our partner employees. She has excellent listening skills and works hard to collect information from the right people and insists on developing custom reports and charts to give her best presentation.

Bertrand McHenry
CoFounder and CEO, Vinyl Draught Radio (Houston, Texas)

I was working on a project with then NBA Cleveland Cavalier basketball player Daniel Gibson and his dad Byron Gibson (also a former professional basketball player.) The Gibsons were launching and leading a basketball coaching program for Houston-area youth. It was during that time I hired Marcia Hylton as our digital marketing consultant to help us achieve our goals of having a strong digital presence to promote the new program and attract the young men who were a good fit for the program. We met several times over a period of several months and listened as Ms. Hylton presented to us about the best ways to achieve our goals.

Theo Franklin
CPCU, CLU, ChFC, CASL, AIC, LPCS, State Farm Insurance (Houston, Texas)

Marcia is a very knowledgeable digital marketing professional who knows how to provide information in easily understood terms. As a consultant, not only did Marcia provide her expert recommendations, she also provided documentation and appended custom reporting that we could use for future analysis and planning. These were steps above and beyond what we agreed to and what was we expected. The information she presented to us included immediate, high-impact action items and future steps that we could take as part of a more long-term plan.

Reggie Destin
Division Director, Talent Acquisition, HCA -- Gulf Coast Division (Houston, Texas)

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