Three factors that can affect how you’re seen by Instagram’s algorithm — and what you can do about it

Three factors that can affect how you’re seen by Instagram’s algorithmand what you can do about it

So Marcia, what is this algorithm you speak of?

I know you’ve heard it mentioned and you likely have a pretty good idea about it already, but let’s agree to a definition so that we are all on the same page.

Instagrams algorithm is essentially a set of programmed rules (or intelligence) for the Instagram platform. The program is set to analyze various factors about your account and decide how you show up, where you show up, and how often.

Some previous algorithm updates have caused engagement rates to drop by as much as 33%. No bueno.

Especially if you are running a business. And besides corporate teams, entrepreneurs are often my coaching and consulting clients so these tips are created ust for you.

Now that we’re on the same page, here are three factors that can affect your business results.

  1. What accounts you follow and who follows you — you can help yourself by eliminating any dead weight or those followers who are bots, fake or no longer active. Also, take a hard look at the accounts listed under your following list. Be sure to clean up both your follower and following lists.
  2. How much organic engagement you get — this means that popularity wins. If users are already liking and commenting on your post then Instagram flags it as quality content. But of course, you’ll be competing with other quality content. The more popular your current posts, the more value is given to your future posts. Work on improving the quality of your posts by providing content that your audience values and by engaging them with CTAs, questions, and responses to their comments.
  3. The type of content you post and like — you can make this work for you by having a clear, focused goal and posting content working that area of focus. This also applies to you liking and commenting on content that other users post. Don’t bounce all over the place. Stay clear (with your actions) on what your intentions are for your business account and Instagram will reward you with better visibility.

There are countless other factors that are programmed into Instagram’s algorithm and it’s regularly updated, but it will be benefical to your business if you stay abreast of the factors you can change to influence your outcome.

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