The Top 8 Reasons It’s So Hard To Put Customers First In Your Digital Marketing Campaign

  1. You are not your customer

    Do you know who your customers are? When planning a digital marketing campaign, it’s important to remember that it’s not about your favorite color or layout. It’s not even about the keywords you would use to search. Listening to your customers by first asking questions and then taking heed of the answers they provide is your best bet for gathering the very important details that can help you create the most meaningful customer experience. Most companies will not be able to

  2. Your marketing team and your tech team are not a cohesive unit

    When your technology team is strictly focused on showcasing their expertise and your marketing managers are strictly focused on pleasing decision-makers, the needs of the customers get lost in the mix …

  3. Everyone is not on board with your overall marketing strategy

    If people don’t have a clear picture of how their piece of the puzzle fits into…

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The Challenge: Finding A Cohesive Focus

I know from my many years of working as a techie in corporate marketing environments, the challenges that marketing teams face when trying to successfully blend technical and non-technical members. Each team member is only equipped with their own piece of the puzzle and no one can see the big picture.

First, there’s the highly technical and program-driven approach of the web developers. Then there is the more visual-driven approach of designers. Also, there’s the more personable and bottom-line-focused approach of marketing managers.  And somewhere in the middle, the customer focus often gets lost. Because of this, it makes sense to have members from various areas of your marketing team be participants in consulting sessions.

The Solution: Understanding How To Put Customers First

My training sessions have one singular concern. Your customers. So imagine instead that the various areas of your marketing team are working together harmoniously and producing the types of results that cause your competitors to have you in mind as the example to follow. Why? Because your developers are now trained to give consideration to how consumers find your website, how they use the site when there, and the importance of considering ways to convert them into customers (web usability and marketing funneling).

And also imagine your content writers and contributors being knowledgeable of search engine optimization and strategic ways to use keywords. This increases opportunities for your customer-base to see your website in search results and stay longer on your site once there.

It also reduces the risk that Google will penalize your website and will instead improve the opportunity to elevate your sites’ ranking. These are the types of results that are seen when teams have a clearer understanding of how their piece of the digital strategy puzzle ties into the overall marketing picture.

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National award-winning entrepreneur and Thrive Global contributor, Marcia J. Hylton is a digital marketing consultant who was once sought out for recruitment by Google, Inc.

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In 2016, Marcia founded Up Your Digital IQ which is based out of the south Texas area (Rio Grande Valley: Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, South Padre Island, Port Isabel, Los Fresnos.)
Marcia Hylton - Digital Marketing Consultant
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