How One Company Approached Organizational Decisions When Working With Digital Marketing Publishers And Exchanges

During my time working as a consultant and a having previously run my own marketing agency, my clients have primarily been advertisers from the medical industry. This has included my work with one of the largest for-profit hospital corporation in the U.S. While working with this company, marketing executives were responsible for selecting any internal players, identify their business priorities and approving advertising and marketing plans.

Once a meeting had been arranged with our key players, my role was to work with our team to translate our plans, help align our goals, determine direction, and negotiate with vendors to find a good fit in publishers or exchanges. We did not work with Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) or Supply Side Platforms (SSPs), but the decision on whether to work directly with a publisher or to use an exchange was primarily driven by the each client’s needs.

For example, some of my work was managed directly through the client’s corporate office. When working with the corporate decision-makers, plans made on that level affected over 30 company assets (hospitals, urgent care clinics, surgical clinics, etc.) located throughout the state. These projects were normally system-wide so it made sense to work with an exchange vs. individual publishers.

My primary role was to work with our internal team to develop a campaign plan for our managing office. It had to be a plan that would support the needs at each facility they managed. Then it was my responsibility to share that plan with the Exchange and negotiate cost to help us achieve the greatest impact while staying within our marketing and advertising budget. The role of the exchange was to provide bidding and performance tracking services as well as identify publisher opportunities that would help us meet specific, measurable marketing goals that would not exceed our budget.

At other times, my work was specifics to a single hospital, emergency clinic, surgical center or other facilities. In those instances, there were specific business needs being identified by that facility. Many times, these were local campaigns and marketing leadership at that facility would work closely with me to identify specific publishers that they wanted to work with. I would then meet with the vendors and provide any help needed with recommendations or negotiations.

In these cases, it was my responsibility to share my client’s campaign plan to targeted publishers then negotiate the best approach to help my client meet the goals outlined in their marketing and business plans. The publishers’ role was to negotiate positioning of the client’s ads so that they were most visible, without going over budget.

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Marcia Hylton - Digital Marketing Consultant

National award-winning entrepreneur and Thrive Global contributor, Marcia J. Hylton is a digital marketing consultant who was once sought out for recruitment by Google, Inc.

Along with her Cornell University digital marketing training and certification, Marcia has over ten years of experience leading corporate digital marketing and another decade of experience running a digital marketing agency.

Marcia trains corporate teams both in the U.S. and internationally. In her training, Marcia shares the how and why of using digital marketing platforms and strategies to attract target audience and improve digital marketing results.

Marcia is also a podcast host and former contributor for a top business program (The Price of Business) syndicated on both CBS and Bloomberg radio.

From 1987 to 1991, Marcia was an active duty member of the United States Air Force. She received an honorable discharge before going on to earn a Bachelor of Science in computer systems engineering. Her minor studies were in user experience and technical writing for digital platforms.

Marcia has served on various business committees including the digital marketing committee for the Houston-area Better Business Bureau from 2012 to 2014. Marcia is a professional member of SHRM, as well as a member of Rotary International and both the McAllen and South Padre Island Chambers of Commerce.

In 2016, Marcia founded Up Your Digital IQ which is based out of the south Texas area (Rio Grande Valley: Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, South Padre Island, Port Isabel, Los Fresnos.)
Marcia Hylton - Digital Marketing Consultant
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