Use CTAs and provoke an immediate response from customers

5 Reasons CTAs Are The Sexiest Thing About Content Marketing

First, let’s define a CTA (call to action) — are used to provoke an immediate response from your customers. Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s also acknowledge that sex sells. So, here’s why I think CTAs are the sexiest thing about marketing.

  1. CTAs Are Assertive — knowing how to ask for what you want is always going to attract the right outcome.
  2. CTAs Are Powerful — you’re owning your ability to go for yours. ?
  3. CTAs Are Smart — you know that asking for what you want will greatly improve your chances of getting it. ?
  4. CTAs Are Engaging — who doesn’t want an active participant?
  5. CTAs Are Just Plain Hot — they can put the heat under the heels of your customers to act now or miss an opportunity. Plus, a combination of smart, powerful and confidence generates all kinds of heat. ?

My top three are:

  • “Teach me”
  • “Get started”
  • “Show me”

Your turn. Share your most commonly used or favorite CTA?

And be sure to get started with using sexy CTAs so you can begin appealing to the type of customers you want to attract.

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